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The Future Pro Legacy

Steve McKichan created Future Pro Goalie School in 1992 after his NHL goaltending career was cut short because of injury. He had just finished his teaching degree and loved teaching the position. Steve had actually made it to the NHL, in part, because of his ability to be a student of the game. He learned the position from great goalie coaches like Mitch Korn and Ted Oiumet and knew he could really impact young athletes in a positive way as his mentors had done with him. He also knew that coaching young goalies would keep him in the game and ease his transition from being a pampered NHL athlete to a normal citizen.

When he first decided to run a goalie school he had to decide on a name. At the time many names were tossed around before Future Pro was selected. “The Goalie Doctor”, “Big League Goaltending”, and “McKichan Goalie School” were all considered. Future Pro was selected because it hints at the desire that is in every hockey-playing kid growing up in Canada, the USA, and internationally – the desire to play in the NHL.

Steve taught public school for the first three years of Future Pro’s existence until the company really took off and became self-supporting. His classroom teaching experience was invaluable. “You quickly learn in a 2nd-grade classroom how lucky you have it when you get to teach kids on the ice. Teachers truly earn their paychecks.”

In 1992, we held our first summer camp in Ilderton, Ontario, and over a three-week period, 57 goalies attended. The summer camp has now grown to 20 locations in the USA and Canada and over 1000 goalies attending.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve had too many great memories and too much fun. My students have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, coaches, teachers, parents, and even NHL goaltenders. I have worked with little guys who can’t hold their stick and Hall of Famers who could; sometimes over the course of the same day! I really have been lucky. I have had the privilege of playing in the NHL, coaching in the NHL, and look forward to passing my knowledge along to the next generation of budding puck stoppers – the Future Pros.” – Steve McKichan


Steve Has Worked with Legends


Steve and NHL Goalie
Scott Clemmensen


Stephen McKichan B.S.Ed.

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