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Future Pro offers a wide variety of private training options to fit every goalies need and budget. We focus on all aspects of goalie development, on and off the ice, using modern techniques and teaching strategies. All of our instructors are certified and personally trained by Steve McKichan to ensure that you are getting the best instruction possible.

To find an instructor in your area email us at


A private lesson is a one-on-one lesson that would initially involve goaltender-specific movement drills followed by the game situation, rebound control drills and individual save selection drills. All drills would be designed to attack observed weaknesses and areas of student’s concern.


This highly selective program is available to those students who want a close, comprehensive one on one in-season coaching relationship with.


When eager students want to train with Stephen without in-person training options, the eMentor program is a great solution.


Many students want to take advantage of a monthly session with Steve McKichan and have the ability to leverage many of the facets of the Mentor Program, while keeping budget constraints in mind. The Advisor Program is designed to give you the best of both worlds.


The Tutor Program is available for goalies that want one or two private lessons a month all season long to stay on top of their game while keeping the budget in mind. For more information


Our instructors are available throughout the hockey season to attend team practices at an affordable rate. We can work with any coach to help design a practice that is beneficial to goalies. Group and Organization goalie clinics are also available. For more information, contact us today.

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