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USA Camp FAQ's

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  • When Should I Arrive/Get Picked Up?
    Commuters to our summer programs should arrive on the Monday of their scheduled week at 7:30 am. You will have an opening address, locker assignments, jersey hand out and question and answer period. You will not need to be ready to go on the ice at 7:30 am. For the remainder of each week, typically ALL groups should arrive no later than 8:30 am. ALL students and groups should be picked up at 4 pm daily and there will be no supervision after 4pm. At your opening address on Monday morning, any schedule variations will be addressed. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE FREQUENTLY ADJUST SCHEDULES BASED ON ENROLLMENT. SO SCHEDULES MAY CHANGE!!!! PAY ATTENTION AT OPENING ADDRESS FOR THESE CHANGES.
  • What should I bring?
    1. Full goaltending equipment. Missing or ill-fitting goalie equipment is the responsibility of the parents. See sample equipment list. Several changes of clean dry under clothing Goaltender’s jock (younger students may use a standard jock; older students should wear an athletic supporter; Elite / Advanced students are advised to wear a forward’s cup and a goalie cup securely over top Garter belt – hockey socks Goalie pants (normal hockey pants are fine for younger students) Skates – goalie skates for students 11 and up is recommended Inner knee pads – some are attached directly to the leg pads but you may want additional knee protection Leg pads – knee should be directly behind middle horizontal knee roll Chest & arm combo Helmet / mask combo with plastic neck guard (dangler) recommended 2 goalie sticks Extra tape, laces, water bottle & towel 2. Dryland training clothes – shorts, running shoes & t-shirts 3. Bring blister care treatment. (i.e. Second Skin or gel bandages) Jerseys are provided for the week. This list is recommended. You may have different equipment in your bag but it is entirely the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the student is properly protected.
  • What does the daily schedule look like?
    Below is a sample schedule. Please note, this is not your actual schedule and it is subject to change. ALL Programs 9:00 AM -11:00 AM – On ice # 1 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Video, Dryland or classroom 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM – Lunch 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM – On ice # 2 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Video, Dryland or classroom Meals Are Not Provided Commuters – You should bring a bag lunch, vending machine money and call ahead to the arena to see if the snack bar will be open. Boarders – Bag lunch provided by host family
  • Confirmation
    We do not mail out official confirmation notices. Email us if you have questions or want confirmation at Boarding students will receive confirmation information via phone or mail well in advance of the camp. You are welcome and encouraged to contact our office at any time with any question you may have regarding confirmation or any issue not addressed here. If you have outstanding fees, you will receive an appropriate invoice or credit cards will be debited if available.
  • What sort of Dryland Training is Done?
    It is expected that all Elite and Prospect students arrive in camp in great shape. There will be no refunds or credit given for any students unable to complete their week because of non-emergency medical issues (i.e. blisters, homesick, sprained knees, shin splints, bruises, pulled muscles etc.).
  • How old/good do you need to be for each program?
    Our guidelines for age are flexible to a degree but generally speaking: Developmental up to U11 Advanced U11-U13 Elite U13 and up Prospect is Midget AAA and up Exceptions will be made on an individual basis. Additional fees may apply if your student is younger than the guidelines. There will be no program fees refunded if a student must drop down in program level.
  • Can parents watch?
    Parents are welcomed and encouraged to watch any of our daily programming. Video taping and note-taking are also permitted activities.
  • Can parents help students get dressed?
    Yes! Of course but our staff will be fully supervising and helping younger students get dressed and on the ice on time.
  • What is my child has medical concerns?
    You must contact our hockey office with a detailed outline of any medical conditions, concerns or limitations your student may have. It is your responsibility to make the hockey office aware, in writing, of any medications or anything of a medical nature we must know regarding your student. We generally assume that because of the obvious physical stress required to play the position that your student is in general excellent health.
  • Can my child be in the same group as his/her friend?
    If you are in the same program and are close in age we can, where requested, make these groupings possible.
  • Which programs will be available at which locations?
    All Program availability varies by location. Check program descriptions at the location you want.
  • Will Steve be at every camp?
    Only camps in Ontario. Please check your camp location information to determine your Camp Director. Please note that EVERY Camp Director has been personally certified and trained by Steve.
  • Can I pay my balance on the first day of camp?
    All accounts must be paid in full well in advance of the camp. Any payments made within four weeks of your program’s starting date must be by a credit card.
  • Is there a value in attending more than one session?
    It is a benefit to attend more than one session and many students attend 2 – 3 sessions each summer.
  • What is the Report Card?
    Each student will receive a formal program specific, written evaluation at the closing address on Friday. This evaluation will include fitness test results as well.
  • What is the Closing Address?
    Each week we hold a closing address where the week is summarized, report cards and packages are distributed and merchandise is made available. We also handle questions and accept early registrations for next summer at that time.
  • Can you hold a spot?
    Registrations are accepted as payment arrives with your online enrolment. We do not hold spots. Payment methods: Credit card Paypal (via online registrations only)
  • How do I register?
    Select the camp you want and hit the register now button. Fill out all the required info…. It is that easy. Visit our Contact Page to get in touch if you have any questions.
  • What is your refund policy?
    $150.00 deposit is non refundable. Once camp begins there are no refunds of any kind. However, Steve may, on an individual case basis, decide to apply a credit towards future camps. Cancellations before camp begins will result in a lost deposit and any funds on account beyond that will be held on file as a credit. There are no cash refunds or any refunds credited back to credit cards. Any credit given will be in the form of credit towards upcoming camps. To be clear…… No cash refunds. Credit only
  • What about Covid?
    Simply put - there is no Covid masking required, and if you have any symptoms stay home. However, please review the refund policy.
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