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Mentor Program

This highly selective program is available to those students who want a close, comprehensive relationship with Steve Mckichan or one of our other Certified Professional Goalie Coaches. The opportunities for growth, development, and exposure available from detailed personal attention from a current NHL goalie coach are unparalleled. The Future Pro Mentor program accepts very few goalies per season. All applicants need to show an intense hunger for improvement, have a solid skill baseline, display commitment and truly want to move up the hockey ladder. Parents and potential students will be subjected to an in-depth interview process.


The mentor program is comprehensive and covers all bases to ensure the developing goaltender reaches their innate potential and that this potential is recognized with appropriate contacts and exposure. This program is not designed to be simply regular private lesson contact rather, it is sustained contact at team practices, games, and in off-ice consulting situations.

Contact Future Pro to discuss your Mentorship Program.

Not able to train with Stephen on a regular basis? Check out the new eMENTOR program.

Premium Services Available

  • On ice practice visits and drill delivery

  • On ice private lessons

  • In-person Game Analysis and Video analysis

  • Goalie Specific fitness testing and program prescription

  • Classroom Discussions

  • Career advice, promotion, and recommendations

  • Phone consultations

  • Technical skill evaluation, prescription, and weakness development

  • Preparing video clips and promo packages for tryouts

  • Direct communications with coaches at the Junior and College level regarding the student’s potential and abilities

To discuss the Mentor Program, contact Future Pro.

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