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Future Pro
Video Content

Future Pro has been creating state-of-the-art goaltending video instruction for over 20 years.

Now the entire DVD Series is free on our Youtube Channel. Be sure and subscribe as Season 4 of the Youtube series is in production. We've got over 10,000 subscribers and loads of useful tips and some good 'ol Keeks humour.

Technical/Tactical Corner

In this playlist Keeks delivers the goods on all things goaltending including the angle series to the power of the mind for the goaltender. 

Watch videos in this playlist.

Keek's Hot Takes

This playlist has a little education mixed in the entertaining videos.

Watch videos in this playlist.

Season 2 Episodes

Like your favourite Netflix series, Keeks keeps knocking the content out of the park, year after year. Each season is jam packed.

Watch episodes in this playlist.
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