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Goal Scoring Program

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This program is a state-of-the-art, unique program that develops the student’s abilities to bury the puck, understand how and why goals are scored, understand goaltender’s weaknesses and simply learn the art of goalscoring.

Goalscoring itself is never really taught theory wise and players are left to figure out successful strategies by trial and error. There is a better way to learn and that is from NHL goaltenders and players who understand these issues from divergent perspectives.

Our goalscoring program is run concurrently with our summer goalie school. On our staff, we have Elite goalscorers from OHL and Division I colleges. From the goalie’s perspective, you will learn what goalies are taught to do in every situation and by complementary theory what smart goalscorers can do to take advantage of their opportunities with this inside information.

A big part of any successful hockey player is the dedication to off-ice training. Here the shooters will follow the same off-ice program as the Elite Goaltenders. This program involves grueling daily runs, plyometrics, anaerobic sprints, flexibility, power generation, and strength development.

Our Goal Scoring Program Includes:

  • 20 hours of ice time – 10 hours of off-ice programming

  • Radar shot velocity testing

  • Shooting and goalscoring instruction by top Division I players

  • Pre-camp off-ice training program

  • Comprehensive fitness testing

  • Detailed report card

  • Drill repetition – over 1,000 shots per day

  • Video analysis

  • Letters of reference for demonstrated responsible students

  • Future job opportunities for selected students

  • A select group of students will be offered additional ice-time to scrimmage with pro and college players throughout the week

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