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Association Clinics

We provide clinic-based training throughout the hockey season for associations on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly basis. During these sessions, we are able to provide phenomenal instruction to a large audience of goalies and parents and coaches. Throughout the season we bring out many different on-ice props to aid our instruction such as:

  • Deflection boards

  • Screen boards

  • Racquet balls for hand-eye coordination

  • Ramps

As part of our association clinics, we can also offer a lecture from one of the staff members where they discuss a wide range of topics such as goalie equipment, drills for goalies in practice, and off-ice training for goalies. This is a great way for parents and coaches to improve their overall knowledge about goaltending so that they can apply it to their teams.


To discuss setting up association clinics, please contact Future Pro.

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